Sunday, 13 November 2005

day 143

i've got a lot on my plate today, so instead of sharing thoughts, i'm sharing pictures :)
i guess its become a family joke about me taking pictures of my kids sleeping .. so here's another one to add to my collection .. my soon to be 15 year old daughter .. sleeping soundly in our home :)

i snagged this one from my daughters collection of pictures she took of her new lip ring .. ain't she adorable?!?

my sister, Nancy just sent me this picture of my mom and their friend, Lisa .. mom had just given Lisa the 2 chemo caps that Dee had crocheted .. Lisa is loving both of her new caps :)

and it wouldn't be a pictorial entry if i failed to share our accidental garden .. its literally growing like a weed .. what you can't see, and what i can't seem to get a picture of, are the dozens and dozens of sunflower seedlings that have been sprouting up in the garden !! in the past few weeks, there must be a dozen ears of corn growing now too :)

today my daughter is going back to her dad's house .. but she's coming back on Thanksgiving so we can spend the day together .. i'm thinking about kidnapping her .. keeping her a few more .. days? weeks? years? .. i'm just not sick and tired of her yet .. as stupid as it sounds, i kinda wish she and i could get in a fight right before she leaves so i WANT her to go .. i'm probably gonna be the one calling her a few hours after she leaves, crying, missing the hell out of her .. i just wish she could stay home ya know? :)

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