Friday, 2 April 2004

friday head noise

i can't believe its friday again    i took my son to the airport on sunday morning after he spent a week with us for spring break and i've literally been moping around since  
i miss that boy something fierce  
i've seen his screen name online a few times since he went back to hawaii but knowing his distaste for the mushy motherly stuff that i'm so good at, i've kept my distance .. sometimes just seeing his screen name is enough to bring a smile to my face  
i ended up at the dentist monday morning with a toothache .. turns out it just needed a little loving care from my dentist and a few days of recovery .. with the aid of a few vicodin  
and if i recall correctly, vicodin has a tendency to give me nightmares  
and let me tell you, i had one hell of a nightmare monday night .. bad enough to keep me from wanting to go to back to sleep since then  
yea .. it was about my son .. and the strange thing was, even when it was happening, i knew it was just a bad dream yet i couldn't wake up .. in the nightmare i HAD to try to see if i could help my son  
and even though i know it now .. its just a stupid dream .. for the life of me, i can't seem to get the images out of my head and i've been walking around like a tearful zombie since tuesday morning  

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