Sunday, 17 April 2005

retrieving deleted journals

i was just reading about an AOL member who had his AOL Journal deleted by the "powers that be" .. but that isn't what this entry is about .. this entry is about retrieving deleted journals

the trick is that you have to act quickly !!!  as soon as you discover your journal has been deleted .. if you go to www., you can bring up their cache of your journal, entry by entry and copy it to a safe place .. including all the comments left for you by your readers

go to
type in the URL for your deleted journal:
select: Show Google's cache of

this will allow you to copy the first 10 entries .. if you want to copy more entries along with the comments, you need to google the entire URL for each journal entry which will also bring up the comments (example .. google

once you have one entire entry cache googled, merely check the bottom of the journal entry for the previous entries url and copy and paste each of the entries and comments to a "safe place"

you do need to act quickly because the cache will come up empty during the next sweep of your journal if the journal is gone

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